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tristissima's Journal

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et alia laughing and weeping
13 July
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a peeling-grapefruit life, activism, adunaic, airheads, anything poetry, bdsm, beauty, being beautiful, being silly, bellarmine, bimboization, bimbos, black speech, bois, boys, butterflies, call of cthulhu, catullus, classical greek, colors, colours, confetti, conlangs, costumes, cthulhu, d20, deadlands, dragonlance, dress up, dressing up, dungeons and dragons, eyeliner, faeries, faerun, fantasy, feathers, fencing, flowers, forced feminization, forgotten realms, free-spirits, fruits, giggles, giggling, girls, glam, glamour, glitter, grrls, gunderson high school, gurps, h.p. lovecraft, happiness, having fun, hippies, hippyism, hugging, humiliation, jonathan tweet, khuzdul, kingdoms of kalamar, klingon, krynn, languages, latin, laughing, laughter, life, lipstick, love, lucretius, magickal activism, open-mindedness, otherkin, over the edge, paganism, paint shop pro, pansexuality, peace, peace activism, pen and paper, people, photoshop, pics, piercing, pink, pixies, playing, poems, poetry, prettyness, psp, quenya, rainbows, ravenloft, reclaiming, reclaiming wicca, revolutionary girl utena, ribbons, robin laws, rokugan, role-playing games, rpgs, science fiction, self-expression, sexuality, shadowrun, shoujo kakumei utena, sidewalk art, sindarin, sissies, slam poetry, smiling, spelljammer, stickers, tatoos, tea, teaching, tiaras, tlhingan hol, toril, toys, twin peaks, unknown armies, utena, weirdness, wicca, witchcraft, wizards of the coast, world of darkness, world-building, writing, writing fantasy

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