et alia laughing and weeping (tristissima) wrote,
et alia laughing and weeping

So, following the advice of the tree, I finally looked into GA (General Assistance). It's not gonna work. There's a $1000 cap on personal property, it maxes out at about $350 a month, it's a loan, and, if you're employable, you can only get it three months out of the year.


Nonetheless, I'm thinking out what I need to do. I've heard food stamps is real easy to obtain and that maxes out at $200 a month. I've already been working for one friend (mayamaia), "editing" her poetry (currently consisting of me going through her LJ and pulling out all the poems I can find. She's paying me $60 a month for 3 hours of work. Another friend has offered $100 a month (plus transportation and some small, maybe fastfood, meal -- once a week) for 12 and a half hours of cleaning their apartment. I feel like another couple friendly under-the-table gigs and maybe TaskRabbit or something and I could totally make it work, living in a tent next to my temple. What do y'all think?

And then there's the thought of running an IndieGoGo or Kickstarter (or, hell, Offbeatr, if we're getting into hierodulic or sex magick scenarios) to fund the temple. I'm rather fond of the idea of Patreon, also, though what units would I use (per ritual? per month? per altar?). These ideas, I will admit, are a teensy bit scary for me, as I have little to no faith in my ability to sell or even explain my ideas and callings very well. I would adore help if anyone out there had any advice, pointers, or even willingness to sit down with me and werq it out.
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