June 2nd, 2014


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My plans for the day are mostly to sit at Arbor Cafe again, with my new Chromebook (thank you, Sir!), working on various things. At some point, possibly as early as 15:00, I plan to switch venues and travel across the Great Water to Wicked Grounds. Why? They're hosting a Humiliation Munch focusing especially on objectification, and I plan to be there.

Looking at the various tonalli and horoscopes of the day (below), I find a pretty string resonance throughout most of them, one of rolling up my sleeves, squatting down, and doing the hard sweaty work to transform all my tlazolli (my vice, my fear, my shame, my guilt, my literal shit) into compost. To stop spewing bullshit and start turning it and tending it so that it can fertilize my coming glory.

Some of that tlazolli, as AstroBarry seems to address, is one that has been coming up really strongly during this trecena (dedicated to my Mommy/Coworker/Love Tlazolteotl) -- I have difficulty listening sometimes, just allowing things to happen and not trying to force anything. There are numerous friends I have skirted relational disaster with recently by being too declarative and not questioning enough. Time to leverage my submissiveness, eh, Barry? Time to be of service.

The tonalli of today, Mahtlactliomometochtli Ceollin (12-Rabbit 1-Motion): Day Tochtli (Rabbit) is governed by Mayahuel, Goddess of the Maguey and of Fertility, as its provider of tonalli (Shadow Soul) life energy. Tochtli is a day of self-sacrifice and service to something greater than oneself. It signifies the religious attitude which holds everything sacred and results in experiences of self-transcendence. It is a mystical day, associated by the passages of the moon. It is a good day for communing with nature and spirit, a bad day for acting against others.

The thirteen day period (trecena) that starts with day 1-Ollin (Movement) is ruled by Tlazolteotl. This trecena is governed by the goddess of cotton and weaving, of sexuality and childbirth, she who is the eater of sins: it is the sign of the Scavenger, who feeds not on power but on the ills that darken the heart. The rainbow serpent, symbol of pleasure and folly, levitates amidst a shroud of smoke and shadow: these are 13 days of stolen secrets and odd twists of fate. The earth itself shakes: the ills created by shock can sometimes only be cured by greater shock. These are good days for self-purification; bad days for self-gratification.

And if we ask Ἀντίνοος Lunadeus? On Monday the new work week gets off to a power-filled start when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD is in a 90-degree right angle to Venus. This aspect boosts self-confidence and determination to down to productive work.

But Rob Breszny says . . . When I slip into a meditative state and seek insight about your future, I have a reverie about a hearty sapling growing out of a fallen tree that's rotting on the forest floor. I see exuberant mushrooms sprouting from a cowpie in a pasture. I imagine compost nourishing a watermelon patch. So what do my visions mean? I'm guessing you're going through a phase of metaphorical death and decay. You are shedding and purging and flushing. In the process, you are preparing some top-notch fertilizer. It won't be ready for a while, but when it is, a growth spurt will begin.

<a href="www.astrobarry.com>And finally, AstroBarry!</a> Under risk of impending Mercury-retrograde hijinks—he flips to backward motion in your sign, Cancer, this coming Saturday (Jun 7)—I urge you treat all your 'certainties' and 'conclusions' as provisional and contingent upon what happens during the remainder of June. As I covered last week, this is especially helpful to remember when it comes to what you're putting out there. It's far easier to change your mind if you haven't publicized what you thought you'd already decided. Therefore, your outward behavior is best funneled into continuing to support whichever friends or colleagues have proven themselves to be 'in it for the long haul'… letting them set the agenda, going along for their adventure, sticking around to carry the extra bags or tidy up the site, happily serving those bonds of allegiance that go decidedly both ways. As far as your own still-uncertain or not-quite-concluded considerations are concerned, let's put it this way: Your intuition really is giving you a good idea of which direction to head right away, but you can't be sure what you'll find when you get there. It could be that magical green door… or merely a clue, instructing you to return to where you just came from… or a fork-in-the-road branching into multiple paths. Take one step at a time, then, so retreat won't be too inconvenient, should it come to that.