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Give me a Poetry Dare for National Poetry Month

So, I think I'm gonna take a page out of my friend alfrecht's page and combine two awesome things in my life: poetry and spirit.

April is National Poetry Month, and many poets in my community celebrate said month by doing a 30/30, the verse equivalent of National Novel Writing Month. In other words, they write 30 poems in 30 days. I'm also getting back into my Book of Days project, in which I work to celebrate festivals and holidays from a wide variety of traditions and religions, all of which feed into the religion I've been creating, mup. The union of the two (inspired, as I said, by alfrecht and eir book The Phillupic Hymns suggested it to myself recently: I will write poems inspired by and for and about the deities and holidays being honored each day!

When alfrecht embarked on the two periods of devotional poetry-writing that became the afore-mentioned book, e asked eir friends on Livejournal for poetry dares, which e then wrote; my dare was poem for Hermekate through the lens of Erato and e rose to the occasion quite admirably! I think that I shall do the same.

What kind of poems do you think I should write? Give me a form, a genre, a topic, a voice, a mood, a tone, and I will write it!

My liturgical calendar, as it were can be found here.

When alfecht did this all those years ago, e did so through the lens of the Muses. If you need inspiration for your dares, I'm posting much of eir post from back then for you to see:

Now, here's the Muses:
Kalliope: epic/heroic poetry
Klio: history
Erato: erotic/love poetry, marriage songs, dance
Euterpe: music and lyric poetry
Melpomene: tragedy
Polyhymnia: storytelling, oratory/rhetoric, sacred songs
Terpsichore: choral songs/dances
Thaleia: comedy/bucolic poetry
Ourania: astronomy/astrology

And here's some clarifications if some of these things come about:
For Klio, I will try and base the resulting poem on some mythic or mytho-historical event in which the deity was involved, whether traditional and legendary or totally new.

For Ourania, I will try and connect the deity to some celestial occurrence, constellation myth, or what have you.

And most of the others should be fairly obvious...

Now, I would ask you to not be mean: for example, if you decide to give me Abraxas and Erato, then I can't really guarantee that something "good" is going to come from that--I'm going to have to make up some situation where Abraxas is gettin' it on with some other deity, and (in the Eddie Izzard mode), it might end up being someone like Galadriel...So, please do this in a spirit of NOT BEING MEAN!!! Your humble poet thanks you for your indulgence in this regard!

Right, a little later, I'll post the first five poems (I wrote ten last night/today!), which are to: The Muses, Vesta, Venus, Roma, and Wepwawet. (Yes, you'll notice since my earlier post for the opt-in filter, the deities have multiplied considerably...What can I do? It would be rather inhospitable to refuse them!)

And, I'd ask one more thing: if you're going to do this, do it today, unless it's a deity that is more toward the end of the list, so that I'll have time to prepare! (If you're going to do the April 22 ones, get them in soon, as I'll be starting work on them in the near future!)

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