et alia laughing and weeping (tristissima) wrote,
et alia laughing and weeping

ATTN: Trans* pagans

Myself and two or three others are looking for partners in a working honoring and bringing the Tetrad++, a new group of trans* gods (more info at….

The Tetrad++ are:
Panpsyche, who is MtF
Panhyle, who is FtM
Paneros, who is non-gendered
Pancrates, who is pan-gendered
Paneris, who is gender-fluid
Panprosdexia, who is a-gendered

We have folk already interested in bringing Panprosdexia, Paneris, and Paneros (though the last is open to a little debate, and could possibly bring Pancrates). Are any of ya'll interested in working this ritual? No prior experience of or familiarity with or even knowledge of the Tetrad++ is required, though it is welcome.
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