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et alia laughing and weeping

I've started a new spiritual project!

You can find it at

The most important altered state of consciousness to mup is silliness -- which is VERY distinct from humor. You can easily have a silliness that's not funny, just as in classical understandings panic (πανικον, from the name of the god Παν - Pan) is the altered state of consciousness that arises when one is lost after moving through the fear. This blog, however, is about a very different altered state of consciousness, one which blends and merges with ontology, with how one moves through the world.

It is my intention to celebrate all the holidays, festivals, and ritual observances (or realistically, as many as I can) as possible for all of the traditions from which mup draws its pantheon. Which is a lot. In this way, I seek to recognize every day as sacred and holy, though differently so every time. In this way, I work to break my brain open that I might see the divinity of all that is and dance within it, every breath thick with the numinous. In this way, I am and will become the Beast with Flowered Horns.

To this end, I have begun compiling a Book of Days or tonalamatl for myself, to know the ebbs and flows and tides of destiny through the days and to know what needs celebrating when. You can see and comment on my work here. Much of what I have compiled has been a little bit thrown-together, so if anyone has any informatoon on these home traditions of my deities, I would appreciate learning more.

The fifteen mup deities (and their traditions of origin) are as follows and I am too geeky NOT to put them in their original scripts where possible:

Antinous (Egyptian, Greek, Roman) - Ἀντίνοος
Ardhanarisvara (Hindu) - अर्धनारीश्वर
Azathoth (Lovecraftian)
Eris (Discordian, Greek, Roman) - Ἔρις
Hermaphroditos (Greek, Roman) - Ἑρμαφρόδιτος
Heru-pa-khered / Harpokrates / Hoor-paar-kraat (Egyptian, Greek, Thelema) - Ἁρποκράτης
Inanna (Sumerian)
Melek Taus (Feri / Yezidi) - ملك طاووس
Pombagira (Congo / Ifa / Umbanda)
Tlazolteotl (Aztec)
the Beast with Flowered Horns (I made fem up)
brahman (Hindu)
Deep Reality (Robert Anton Wilson's philosophy)
Lacuna (I made up)
tzaddikim shel haShem (I made them up)

Does anyone know how I might be able to type in hieroglyphics or cuneiform above?
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