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8-Crocodile 1-Jaguar 2-Rabbit/a.d. ix Kal. Ian. MMDCCLXVII A.U.C./Anno IVxxi ☉ 16° Cap ☽ 0° Ari

Monday, January 6, 2014
Chicueyicipactli Ceocelotl Ometochtli (8-Crocodile 1-Jaguar 2-Rabbit)
6th day of the Antinous Lamia Moon
Anno IVxxi æræ legis ☉ 16° Capricorn ☽ 0° Aries
dies Lunae a.d. ix Kal. Ian. MMDCCLXVII A.U.C.
???th day of “I have already been killed for my imperfections”
250th day of “the seed that weaves an abundance of belonging, taking our splintered lives and growing a living web of interconnectedness. The intention of strength together, an equilibrium of giving and receiving.”
208th day of “I dance in right relationship with desire in every moment”
67th day of “We sacrifice that which keeps us from living in love”

“Day Cipactli (Crocodile) is governed by Tonacatecuhtli, Lord of Nurturance, as its provider of tonalli (Shadow Soul) life energy. Cipactli is an auspicious day, signifying advancement and honor. It depicts energy and work, rewards and recognition. A good day for beginnings.

The thirteen day period (trecena) that starts with day 1-Ocelotl (Jaguar) is ruled by Quetzalcoatl. This trecena represents brilliance and clarity during a profound eclipse of the light. The principal influence of this time is the divine Whirlwind: to stand in its path calls down destruction; to stand in its eye calls down creation. These are good days to withdraw into the solitude of contemplation and self-discipline; bad days to traffic with those on another path. In the center of it all, the warrior strives to be the mirror rather than the reflection. “

“TONIGHT's Capricorn New Moon is the lunar phase which in Antinous Moon Magic is called the LAMIA MOON of dark magic.

Meditation and rituals conducted tonight are best suited for rooting out malaise and sickness and for diminishing evil sendings. Look for areas in your life where you may be detrimental to yourself, may be working against yourself or may be making yourself sick, perhaps literally so.

The Lamia Moon helps you to focus on those areas and drain them of their debilitating energies. It helps you to look squarely at yourself to see what is draining you of your vitality ... so that you can chart a course towards healing and recovery ... rather than further diminishment.

Each Lunar Phase represents a Divine Spirit or Archetype. The Spirit of the Lamia Moon is vicious negativity which attacks vitality. It is the Spirit of torment which seeks to dissipate and weaken. It is malaise and malevolence.

The spirit of the Lamia Moon incorporates all negativity of body and soul. It is destructive thought patterns. It is the instigator of bad habits which impair not only physical health but also mental or spiritual health.

It is sickness in the broadest sense, but it is by no means limited to physical ailment. It is a disease of the spirit. It is the debilitating failure to shake off a "sick" situation.

However, the spirit of the Lamia Moon also has the incredible ability to "sicken" and diminish harmful forces.

Just as a poison can cure, and just as a vaccine uses disease cells to build immunity to those very cells, the Lamia Moon spirit has the ability to weaken forces which are detrimental. It is the spirit of your body's immune system, waging a ceaseless and merciless battle against intruders.

The Lamia Moon spirit is debilitating and it is cruel. Yes, the Lamia spirit can be harmful, but it can also be a vital ally.

All meditations and rituals conducted during the cycle of the Capricorn New Moon are best aimed at enlisting this spirit to be your valiant ally in helping you to identify those inner areas of yourself which are weakening you from the inside out.
. . . .
On Monday a sheer mountain of work has piled up on your desk when you arrive for work — but you will roll up your sleeves when Mercury forms a productive sextile with Saturn. And after work you will shift into a 12th Night partying mood when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD forms gently positive aspects with Mercury, Saturn and Venus.”

“Big rivers don't travel in straight lines. Their paths are curvy and complicated, with periodic turns and bends. In some places they flow faster and in others they're slower. Their depth and width may vary along the way, too. Your own destiny is like one of those big rivers, Cancerian. In some years, it meanders for long stretches, slowing down as it wanders along a crooked course. It may even get shallower and narrower for a while. But I expect that in 2014, you will be moving more rapidly than usual. You will be traveling a more direct route, and you will be both wide and deep.”

“This week's Mars-Jupiter square threatens to magnify your assertive tendencies… and before you even dare to claim yourself innocent of even having 'assertive tendencies', Cancer, let me reassure you that just because you don't speak (or otherwise conspicuously externalize) your desires, that doesn't mean you aren't still asserting yourself on some psychically protuberant substratal level. Whether or not you're aware that your recent emboldening also brings an uptick in impatience with anyone you feel is preventing you from inner peace and/or domestic tranquility, youwill project an attitudinal edge in such situations… unless, that is, you work overtime to contain your emotional responses (which, admittedly, are about more than just whoever's pissing you off right this moment) and consciously play to the other person. Here's where the current 7th-house action (including Venus retrograde) comes in handy: As long as all your critical interactions faithfully adhere to your specific goal-orientation (i.e., never losing sight of what you want to get from a given person, and what the shrewdest method of getting it would be), you should be able to transcend any passing grump (at least as far as others can see) and successfully keep them unflustered and, consequently, accommodating.”

My ramblings/what I plan to do with it: Tomorrow is the first day of the first real work week of 2014. This month, I am also opening a new door workwise, stepping into a position I’m creating which I’ve been calling the cultor. It’s a little bit priest, a little bit HR, a little bit shop steward, and a little bit volunteer coordinator. I still have to fundraise to pay my salary, though, so I will have a lot of work in front of me. My first project planning meeting for the work of the cultor with my Executive Director. In fact, my schedule is literally packed all day from 10:00 (when I start work) to 23:30 (when ceilidh at the Starry Plough ends). Of course, from 18:00 on, that schedule is hanging out with my friend at the local anarchist infoshop and ceilidh dancing, but I usually take more downtime. I am very interested to see how I handle such a Whirlwind. Ceilidh seems like it will be quite wonderful tomorrow, if the omens are to be believed.

I’m fascinated by Rob and Barry having seemingly opposed astrological opinions for the half-week these overlap. I’ll be travelling more direct but I will get my way by containing my emotional responses? Yeah, Hernestus, that’s some Lamia work right there! I got real dark yesterday and the day before, thanks in large part (but not entirely) due to a heinous interaction on the street with a transphobe. The darkness is still hanging around in the background, picking up elements from a friend of mine’s compassionate honesty that’s been a bit hard to swallow. A week or two back, [Bad username: mayamaia] and I had a conversation in which she pointed out that even she (whom I’ve known for a decade and who refers to me as her Confessor) has trouble taking me seriously. I believe she said that I am so extreme about whatever has caught my fancy that I can come off as simply parody of that thing. Poe’s Law’s got bite, I suppose. Mercury’s little sextile with Saturn over here in the Lamia moon while atop Chicueyicipactli will hopefully help me out of feeling like I can’t succeed at anything useful or serious because I’m too outrageous and too much of a joke. The trecena might help too, if only I can be the mirror and not the reflection. That deserves some spellwork today . . . . I’ll have to see what I can do . . . any suggestions?

Wait a minute, isn’t AstroBarry just saying what is saying? To be the mirror and not the reflection, does that mean playing to the other person? I don’t think that’s quite right . . .
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